The Necromancer's Handbook

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🌑📜 Discover the Hidden Power with "The Necromancer's Handbook"! 📜🌑

By Phyrexia.
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Hardcover book, 209 pages with full color artwork

Have you ever felt the pull of the mysterious, the dark and the forbidden? Have you ever wondered what secrets lie beyond the veil that separates life from death? Then prepare to dive into the world of necromancy with the definitive handbook: "The Necromancer's Handbook: Awakening the Power of Erebos"!
🔮 In this grimoire, you'll discover the keys to unlocking the power of the god Erebos and mastering the arts of necromancy. From profound initiations to arcane rituals, this book is your guide to a realm of darkness and mystery.
🌌 Initiations into the Cult of Erebos:
1. open the gates of the dark palace: before you begin your journey into the realm of death, you must confront the shadows that dwell within your own being. the power of Erebos can only be attained by those who dare to look inward and embrace the darkness that lies within!
2. Consecration: Sealed in blood and darkness, the pact with Erebos is the first step towards necromantic mastery.
3.Necromantic Rituals: Different rituals for the calling of these forces, explained step by step to materialise your will.
Table of contents:

Narciso Necrosis

Pale skin


Death imitates art

Erichto of Thessaly

Necromantic ethics and morals

Rigor Mortis

Ouija Table

The tempting Tower of the Dead

Post Mortem

White bones


Ritualistic tools

Black church

Initiation in the Nigredo

Scarlet blood


The art of blood

Uses of blood

Necromancy and vampirism

Dracula: Alchemy and Vampirism

Dark spirit

The dark night of the soul

Dark deities

Grimorium Noir


The silence when she speaks

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