Sapsu Alami: the origins in Canaan of the goddess Hekate

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By: Zulqarnayn XIII

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Much have been written and said in many different grimoires about the origin of this incredible Greek Goddess, since Potnia Theron or Kybele, however archaeological investigations have progressed linking Hekate with the Sun and Black Sun Goddesses from ancient civilizations, which is the case with Sapsu from Canaanite mythology.

This grimoire not only explains these scientific references in Middle East with Hekate but also widely explains the worldview of Canaan from Ugaritic Tradition.

It also contains a ritualistic with Sapsu, Hekate, as well as a subordinate spirit that helps during childbirth and abortions if this is the witch’s desire.



General Origins of Hekate.

Ugarit the Canaanite City.

War between Divine and Chaos Goddesses

Baal the first God who sacrificed himself.

The Moon God Yarikh.

The Dual Goddess Shapsu.

Symbolism of the Sun and its Shadow.

The Altar.

Ritual Opening.

Energetic Meditation.

Ritualistic Practices with Shapsu.

Evoking Light & Darkness

Hekate the triform Goddess

Evoking the triple Goddess

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