Oracle of 7 nomads

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By: Carlos Jaramillo, expert in Tarot and alchemy with more than 20 years of experience and initiated in various esoteric orders.

Limited to 130 units.
Definitely this oracle is always accurate and a guide that will take you to the hidden realms of power, magic and transformation for the benefit of your life.
Each of the 70 cards has its own symbology and its spiritual force manifested through the ancient alchemical and planetary sigils.
The strength of this deck can be noticed from the first contact, which will not hesitate to help you make decisions about any situation in your earthly or spiritual life.
Do not miss this unique opportunity to get your deck of the oracle of the 7 nomads.
The best thing is that it is ideal for any practice of magic and esotericism regardless of its path!
Contains: Deck with 70 cards, box and book with instructions.
Specifications: Mdf box with laser cut and painted. 19×10.
Inner lining simulated synthetic crocodile skin.
Oracle: sulfated 16 pts 2 faces, Printed in offset. 13×7
Simulation synthetic crocodile leather belt with velcro closure.
Instruction book: Opaline 90 grams, 12×7
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