Magick of Canaan: gods of war and conquest

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It is a book dedicated to 3 deities: Baal, Anat and Reshap. The focus is in low magick, war, conquest and strategy. Phoenician or Canaanite mythology is very different from Jewish mythology and much older than the latter in fact its influence on the whole esoteric and religious sphere is as great as that of Egypt.

In this work you can have practical methods of how to ritualize and give offerings to these ancient deities, there are forms of invocation, evocation and communion to have greater proximity of adept to spirit. An example of this is Psalm 29 which was a copy paste of a hymn to Baal just as the Jesus of the Bible is an inspiration in Baal and so I could list many details that the Jews literally copied and took from the Canaanites.
This book is dedicated to them and to Phoenician paganism. There is no other grimoire published that you will like.” By Zulqarnayn XIII
-Brief History of Canaan.
-The Building of the Temple of Baal.
-Reshap in Ugarit.
-Ritualistic Tools.
-General Aperture of the Temple.
-Ritualistic Practice with Reshap.
-Invocation of Reshap and Cuneiform alphabet with original Pronunciation.
-Evocation of Reshap.
-Ritualistic Practice with Anat.
-Invocation of Anat and Cuneiform alphabet with original Pronunciation
-Evocation of Anat.
-Summoning the Anat’s Warrior.
-Communion Triangle of Anat.
-Ritualistic practice with Baal.
-Invocation of Baal and Cuneiform alphabet with original Pronunciation.
-Pray in Ugaritic to Baal.
-Psalm 29 or Hymn to Baal.
-Evocation of Baal.
-Summoning the Baal’s Warrior.
-Summoning the Divine Herald of Baal.
-Communion Triangle of Baal.
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