Liber Arcana Cainita

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“In this work the Cainite ideology is deepened, not as it was presented by other groups in antiquity but as an antithesis of the Abelite thought that has caused much weakness in the social environment of almost everyone.

In this book I describe 4 columns of the psychic transformation that the initiate lives once he enters the path of Cain and obtains his mark. You will find invocations and evocations with Azazel, Qayin, Qalmana, Tubalqayin and Nahemoth.
Ritualistic work is enhanced by the method I propose to use the ancient stealths of the constellations, to link them to planetary correspondences and to provoke more powerful evocations than the standard ones.
Each secret and ritual was structured with ancient alchemic knowledge, with Aramaic, Hebrew and Phoenician alphabets.”
By Zulqarnayn XIII
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-Esoteric theory of the universe and the antiuniverse.
-The genesis of the Qayinitic Gnosis.
-The path to the teachings of K(ain).
-The 4 columns of the Qayinite metamorphosis.
-First column: do not lose your psychological individualization.
-Second column: wake up the self government.
-Third column: devour the world of your enemies.
-Fourth column: lose all fear of death.
-Basic tools.
-Consecration of the dagger and / or sickle and the ritual mask.
-Conjuration of the qliphotic powers and the adversary entities of berhathaia.
-Invocations and sigils.
-Invocation of Azazel.
-Invocation of Qayin.
-Invocation of Qalmana.
-Invocation of tubal Qayin.
-Invocation of Naamah.
-Evoking the valley of death.
-Evocation method.
-Star sigils and their use in magic.
-Perfect eternal possession.
-Hymn to Qayin.
-Author's conclusion.
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