Codex Putrefactio Nigra II: The book of night and adversarial powers of Canaan.

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Codex Putrefactio Nigra II: The Book of Nocturnal and Adversarial Powers of Canaan by Zulqarnayn XIII.

Hardcover and paperback editions. Hardcover limited 313 books.

"With great enthusiasm, I present to you the sequel to our acclaimed inaugural tome, "The Canaanite Book of Death." In this new installment, we delve into the mysterious energies of the night and the adversarial powers that intertwine with the rich Canaanite culture.

Canaan, an exceptional civilization that preceded Judaism and many other ancient Middle Eastern religions, served as the cradle of spiritual entities that are revered in the left-hand path today. Our grimoires, unparalleled in their kind, unveil the depth of Canaanite culture in accordance with the ancient traditions of Ugarit. This unparalleled study will enrich your understanding of these enigmatic nocturnal and adversarial deities.

Each ritual inscribed in these pages has been meticulously executed by the author, who has carefully channeled the necessary energies to breathe life into this masterpiece."

Table of Contents:


Preliminary Tips.

Foundations of the Left-Hand Path.

Eschatology and Funeral Rites in Canaan.

Pythagorean Necromancy.

Order Against Chaos: The War Between Baal and Yam.

Yarikh and Nikkal: The Influence of Lunar Energies in Canaanite Cosmology.

Athtar the Terrible: The Canaanite Deity Linked to Lucifer.

Reshep the Devastator.

Ritual Practice.

Conjuring the Great Demonic Powers of Canaan.

Yamu, the Dragon of Two Flames:

The Emanation of Chaos.

Meditations with the Manifestation of Chaos.

Invocation of the Dragon of Two Flames.

Invocation of Yam in Ugaritic.

Evocation of the Dragon of the Apocalypse.

Reshep, the Warrior of the Underworld.

Meditations with the God of Devastation.

Invocation of Reshep, the Warrior of the Underworld.

Invocation of Reshep in Ugaritic.

Evocation of Reshep, the Incendiary.

Sapsu, Goddess of the Golden Sun and Midnight Sun.

Meditations with the Lamp of the Gods.

Invocation Sapsu Cthonia.

Invocation of Shapsu in Ugaritic.

Evocation of the Sun of Death.

Yarikh, the Lord of the Sickle.

Meditations with the God of the Sickle.

Invocation of Yarikh, the Illuminator.

Invocation of Yarikh in Ugaritic.

Evocation of Yarikh, the Lord of the Night Dogs.

Attar the Terrible.

Meditations with Attar.

Invocation of Attar, the Bearer of Light.

Invocation of Attar in Ugaritic.

Evocation of Attar, the Morning Star.

Ritual of Destruction to Enemies with Mot, the God of Death.

Embodying Mot, the Slayer of Gods.


Hard cover version: Hand-bound book, lined with purple velvet, stamped in gilt.

Paperback: Cover with exclusive artwork by Yam the dragon of the two flames.

356 full colour pages.

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