Atanatize: the path of the undead masters

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Pre-orders open.Atanatize: the path of the undead masters. by Alexander L.M.

Imagine a handmade book full of passion and ingenuity. Atanatize is a grimoire like no other, a no-holds-barred immersion into the fascinating world of vampires and their esoteric practices. Embark on an unparalleled journey to discover the deepest secrets of the undead, where the limits of magic will be tested.

What awaits you in the pages of Atanatize? You will discover Alexander L.M. rituals of power, transformation and transcendence bestowed upon him by the undead masters. These teachings lead to unimaginable levels of knowledge and control.

However, I caution the brave and restless that this book is not for the faint of heart, nor underage.

Atanatize explores mysteries and the unknown, challenging morals and social conventions. Only those willing to embrace the shadows and face death will be prepared to unleash the immense power contained within these pages. But that's not all! Each volume of Atanatize is a unique work created by skilled craftsmen who have invested their energy into the book and imbued it with a spiritual essence.

Possession of this grimoire not only gives you access to vampiric wisdom, but also a direct connection to the ancient magic that flows through you. Are you ready to embrace your darkness and embark on a journey of self-discovery like never before? Atanatize: The Path of the Undead Masters awaits you. Don't miss your chance to own this esoteric treasure.


- Opening of the energy centres

- Densification of the astral body

- Basis of drainage

- Astral projection as Strigoi or Varcolac

- Baneful vampirism

- Sexual vampirism

- The Undead Masters

- The Pool of Blood

- The Anchor

- The Vampiric Strains

- Invocations of the Undead Lords

- The Pact


Colour printing on bond paper 120 grs, cloth covers with cover printing on dtf. Size 13.5x20.5. 160 pages. 100 of text and 60 for diary.

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