Left hand path, necromancy, death cults
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Codex Putrefactio Nigra: the Canaanite’s book of death.

This book is unique in its kind, dedicated to the god of death Mot, the enemy of Baal and his murderer, this is a grimoire of deep study on this entity that has greatly influenced what we know as the tree of death.

Diabolic Witchcraft.

This book is about traditional witchcraft from its bases to rituals and necromantic methods, it will not disappoint you because it will help you to shape your will.

Sapsu Alami the origins in Canaan of the goddess Hekate:

The relationship of the goddess Hekate and the Canaanite goddess Sapsu is proven by academic studies. Tracing the roots of Hekate is not easy but this book helps shed more light on this subject.


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